Few Tips to Create Attractive Apps

Mobile communications and social networking concept
These days, mobile app development has become an important no matter it is a small or big business. You can look ahead with positive result if the app is simple and user-friendly. Have a look on the best things that can make an app striking and eye catching: Login specifications – The specification related to the login of an app should straightforward as possible. The Sign in should work with one click. When it comes to a mobile app development, it would be better to make use of social media such as Facebook or Google+ to enter into the app.…
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Few Tips on the Email Drip Campaign

The email drip campaign is such an effort in which an automated e-mail is sent to a particular number of people. The list of the people is made prior as they are set to the target customers or readers for the newsletters of a blog or website. It is done when a person signs up for the newsletter of a particular blog or website. The technical settings of the site consist the email address of the person. The automated email set up sends the updates of the new posts through the auto-generated the email to the pre-saved list of the…
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The Ways in Which a Company Blog Can Become a Weapon of Marketings

A company blog is a writing artistry that defines the quality of the quality in the field it consists. The blog is a very modern and effective way to grab an important portion of the marketing of the products a company wishes to spread to the people. The immediate effect of having a penmanship in the blog is to have an authority on the readers or the customers. This is because they eventually start to trust the company and its authority. The Blog of a company declares that they are interested to share some thoughts with the readers or customers.…
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Upcoming E-commerce Development for 2017

It's the end of the year 2016 and it has been noticed that E-commerce has witnessed one more year of record breaking. On the one hand, some statisticians are calculation the ending calculations of 2016, some of them have created many predictions for upcoming 2017, while one the other hand, retailers and e-commerce are getting ready for the next year. (more…)
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Developing a Website is like Buying a Car, but Worse

Website Under
If you have a car of your own, you probably will understand how difficult it is to buy a car. You cannot just simply walk into a showroom and buy a car. It doesn't have to be a car. Even if you go out to buy any other vehicle, you will have to go through lot of stress. You might wonder, what is so tough in buying a car? You just need to have specific set of requirements and with such requirements in mind you go and buy a car for yourself. If you all think in such manner then…
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4 Essential Ways to Grow your Ecommerce Business in 2015

If you did not earned from your online shopping portal as you expected then do not be sad. There is still time to expand your business online. New year 2015 is coming which can be better your business, but you have to do consider some essential points which can attract more visitors. Store owners know running the business and earn profit. But, there are some easy which need to follow to gain the trust of targeted audience and maintain the sales revenue. Here, we are providing your some information about the ways which can help you in the enhancement of…
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How Android App Development Company in India Can Help You Predict the Future

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The android development industry is benefiting everyone from consumers and developers to smartphone manufacturers. Having an advanced android application is the need of the hour for every business. Android apps development in India is a very competitive business and has brought lots of choices for smartphone manufacturers to choose from. If you are looking for a reliable android development company in India, Prasad Solutions can help you. Our result-oriented android application development helps businesses reach their goals. We provide an affordable solution to businesses with high-quality android applications. We have helped more than a thousand businesses through our cutting-edge application…
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Tips for Increasing Sales on Black Friday

Black Friday is the time for which millions of U.S.A people wait eagerly as this is the time when shoppers can buy a haul at cheap prices. Now that the trend of people buying and selling online has been accepted whole heartedly by the world, eCommerce store owners are doing all it requires to experience a big rush on this day. It is a known fact that the deals being thrown out are available for a limited period only, but still there are not many stores that manage to register big sales and for them there are some tips that…
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6 Content Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Merchants

6 Content Marketing Tactics
Content marketing if done in a right way tends to go a long way and it has been find that the results are sometimes even better than those paid marketing tools and tactics. If you want more traffic, more sales and more popularity of your ecommerce store, go by the fact that you won’t be able to see results without utilizing the power of content. Whether it is about bringing in new customers or retaining interest of the existing ones, the below mentioned content marketing tactics tend to yield impressive results. Outsource If Required: This is a thumb rule that…
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18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets, for Navigation and Design

18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets
All thanks to these wonderful tools, the websites designed these days are quite simple to use and at the same time look highly aesthetic too. At present, most of the website designers are paying extra heed to make sites go dynamic and this has brought in some incredible icon sets into the scene, especially for the ecommerce stores. The icon sets that are being used in most of the ecommerce sites are: Pixel Buddha: It is a set of more than 100 marketing icons in various styles and colors. The file formats in which it is available include PNG, SVG…
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