18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets, for Navigation and Design

18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets

All thanks to these wonderful tools, the websites designed these days are quite simple to use and at the same time look highly aesthetic too. At present, most of the website designers are paying extra heed to make sites go dynamic and this has brought in some incredible icon sets into the scene, especially for the ecommerce stores. The icon sets that are being used in most of the ecommerce sites are:

  1. Pixel Buddha: It is a set of more than 100 marketing icons in various styles and colors. The file formats in which it is available include PNG, SVG and EPS.
  2. Design Bolts: With more than 80 flat line icons this is a great icon set for ecommerce sites and the file formats are EPS, AL and PNG.
  3. Dribbble: It has 8 sets of great looking purchase icons available in both EPS and AL format.
  4. Graphics Fuel: With 18 flat vector icons these are available in both colored and black and white versions. These can be used for shopping carts, privacy and product rating.
  5. Bytes Wire: It has 36 icons that can be used to symbolize credit card payment, shopping cart, customer service and gifts. It’s available in PSD, PNG and AL formats.
  6. Engage: It has 90+ icons in multiple sizes and file formats and can be used to indicate sold out, wish list and add to cart actions.
  7. Dreamstale: With 45 vector links, it can be used to indicate different shopping icons and even in some apps.
  8. Graphberry: It has 36 icons that can be used on the landing pages of an ecommerce site to make it look even more appealing.
  9. Deviant Art: It has all those tech related icons that can be used to indicate laptops, screens and other gadgets.
  10. Behance: It has 15 icons that are available in large, small and medium sizes to display add to cart action.
  11. Ecommrce Icon Set: It has 18 flat icons that can be used in the product inventory.
  12. Free Vector Icons: Retro Volume 1: It has 120 icons in the retro style and can be used to indicate payment and shopping actions.
  13. Shopping Cart Icons: A set of 15 icons comes in three different sizes.
  14. Responsive E-commerce Icon Set: Idyllic for marketers, this icon set has all ecommerce icons in various formats and sizes.
  15.  eCommerce Icons: It has 21 icons from Colibri Interactive and can be used for payment gateways.
  16.  Colored Shopping Icons: With 12 icons from Blugraphic all essential ecommerce actions can be indicated.
  17.  36 Shopping Icons: These colorful looking icons from Vecteezy are going add a dash of color to the ecommerce store.
  18.  Free Shopping Icons: These 42 icons from FreeVectors can be used to indicate various shopping actions.

The list does not end here, the web marketers and ecommerce store designers can explore out other options too.

Puneet Gaur
Puneet Gaur is an excellent Php developer with experience more than 8years. He has developed many ecommerce websites on different platform including best open- source platform-magento and drupal. He is passionate and determinate about his work. As he has great development experience, he can provide the useful information about the carts and platforms which can be helpful for you to get a complete online shopping portal.
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