5 Major Global Ecommerce Trends That You Can’t Afford to Ignore


With web or ecommerce poised towards growth globally, every place is taking this concept in a different way, what remains common is that approach that makes the process go customer centric. Whether we talk of U.S.A, Europe or Asia, mobile marketing is something that rules and this is why the common focus is to develop platforms that enable sales on all platforms. With all those tentative predictions related to ecommerce market going true, there are some trends that have appeared as important ones for all those who want to enjoy doing brisk business on the web.

Mobile Based Purchases Are Increasing: It goes beyond saying that this tendency of using internet on the mobile phones has lead to the increase in the demand of apps that allow people to buy and with mobile shopping gaining momentum globally this is the trend that needs to be captured closely

Sites Going Responsive: Another attachment to the multiplatform internet access comes in the form of responsive websites. For any ecommerce store that wants to cater to bigger and broader audience building a responsive site is a must

Social Marketing Plays Big Role: Especially in Asia and Europe it has been found that customer behavior tends to get affected with those social media feedbacks and ratings. With social media impacting out sales, brand’s repute and credibility taking this trend lightly might make your ecommerce brand go dead in coming days

Comparison Tools & Universal Payments: One of the hottest trends ruling the global ecommerce market indeed, with customers from U.S.A and Europe and Canada looking for a great deal these comparison tools tend to play a vital role. Another big trend that goes attached is that of universal payment and this is more of a necessity. With things like Google wallet coming out as a big hit, ecommerce store owners need to add something like this so that buyers can experience a safe payment process

Feedbacks Lead To Audience Engagement: For all those who have always felt that those internet marketing campaigns would suffice, here is a reality check, people are giving more attention to those product reviews and feedbacks. This is something that is strategically and statically going to build customer engagement.

With conversion rate still being stable, ecommerce store owners need to put these trends to work so that they can both retain and engage customers before the competition starts getting even stiffer.

Afsheen Siddiqui
Afsheen is an experienced contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, having written her first article in 2008. She is specialized in helping small to medium businesses use social media for marketing.You can learn about the things which you need to boost your online business from her articles. She can assist you about how can use best use of social media websites for the growth of online business.
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