6 Content Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Merchants

6 Content Marketing Tactics

Content marketing if done in a right way tends to go a long way and it has been find that the results are sometimes even better than those paid marketing tools and tactics. If you want more traffic, more sales and more popularity of your ecommerce store, go by the fact that you won’t be able to see results without utilizing the power of content. Whether it is about bringing in new customers or retaining interest of the existing ones, the below mentioned content marketing tactics tend to yield impressive results.

  • Outsource If Required: This is a thumb rule that would never go wrong, if you feel that your content marketing team is not giving results in that stipulated time frame go ahead and outsource. It is to be comprehended that at the end it is the quality of content that matters the most, thus hiring a pro would definitely act helpful.
  • Leveraging Employees Matters: Your team is the one that knows your business well thus you can utilize it to come out with informative and interesting content. Ask your team to write about products, come out with informative FAQs and even spread a word on the social media platforms.
  • Product Descriptions- You Need Them Crisp: Shun away that ideology that just revolves around giving information, add some taste to your content by making it go fresh and this is going to bring results from content marketing efforts.
  • Utilize User Generated Content: That content coming from Tweets, reviews and Instagram can work wonders for your content marketing campaign. You can utilize it to build trust about your ecommerce store and its products and with people giving their feedback it is all going to sound genuine for the first time visitors.
  • Product Videos Need To Sell: Gone are the days when product videos used to be an amalgamation of few images, now the focus is on content. Ask your team to write detailed information about your products or ecommerce store and then merge it with product reviews in the video.
  • Polls, Quizzes & Contests: Do not take the content that goes into these lightly as this is the real place where some marketing happens. Do not just focus on engaging people, give a thought towards sharing valued product information too as this is going to bring out results from content marketing.

Always keep one thing in mind your content marketing efforts need to be engaging and captivating, so do not hesitate in using articles, blogs and other social media platforms

Afsheen Siddiqui
Afsheen is an experienced contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, having written her first article in 2008. She is specialized in helping small to medium businesses use social media for marketing.You can learn about the things which you need to boost your online business from her articles. She can assist you about how can use best use of social media websites for the growth of online business.

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