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Afsheen is an experienced contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, having written her first article in 2008. She is specialized in helping small to medium businesses use social media for marketing.You can learn about the things which you need to boost your online business from her articles. She can assist you about how can use best use of social media websites for the growth of online business.

How Android App Development Company in India Can Help You Predict the Future

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The android development industry is benefiting everyone from consumers and developers to smartphone manufacturers. Having an advanced android application is the need of the hour for every business. Android apps development in India is a very competitive business and has brought lots of choices for smartphone manufacturers to choose from. If you are looking for a reliable android development company in India, Prasad Solutions can help you. Our result-oriented android application development helps businesses reach their goals. We provide an affordable solution to businesses with high-quality android applications. We have helped more than a thousand businesses through our cutting-edge application…
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6 Content Marketing Tactics for Ecommerce Merchants

6 Content Marketing Tactics
Content marketing if done in a right way tends to go a long way and it has been find that the results are sometimes even better than those paid marketing tools and tactics. If you want more traffic, more sales and more popularity of your ecommerce store, go by the fact that you won’t be able to see results without utilizing the power of content. Whether it is about bringing in new customers or retaining interest of the existing ones, the below mentioned content marketing tactics tend to yield impressive results. Outsource If Required: This is a thumb rule that…
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5 Major Global Ecommerce Trends That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

With web or ecommerce poised towards growth globally, every place is taking this concept in a different way, what remains common is that approach that makes the process go customer centric. Whether we talk of U.S.A, Europe or Asia, mobile marketing is something that rules and this is why the common focus is to develop platforms that enable sales on all platforms. With all those tentative predictions related to ecommerce market going true, there are some trends that have appeared as important ones for all those who want to enjoy doing brisk business on the web. Mobile Based Purchases Are…
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Five Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Navigation

Five Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Navigation
Are you specialized in Ecommerce Website Design, or are you an Ecommerce website owner? Regardless of whichever is the case, Every Ecommerce website demands proper attention and immense concentration, especially during the preliminary stages of such websites. That simply means that regardless of the nature of Ecommerce website you have, run or managing, the groundwork or introductory aspect of such websites is the known time when the website needs so much attention and awareness. Let’s take out some time to see the reason why this is important. Firstly, an Ecommerce website is known to be a business website, a marketing…
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15 New Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

Ecommerce website development has been made quite less mind-boggling and troublesome than it used to appear and look like in the past few years. This is because of the ease in the stress and often hectic processes undergone when starting out with the layout of the website’s theme or template. But starting up the development processes would no longer pose itself as a heavy load to the neck with the presence of already designed and laid-out miscellaneous themes and template. This often help to ease away the strain and trouble we pass through. Starting up an online Store using the…
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10 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Ecommerce Marketing Techniques

The photo sharing site Instagram is in a conversion phase between individual and commerce use. In Contrast to Facebook or Pinterest, it does not tender business-specific features. It is reported from digital research firm L2 that 93% of premiere brands are present in it. The Instagram is not limited to large brands smaller ecommerce business can also gain its benefits. You can find ten ideas for using Instagram to endorse products, highlighting online retail brands as examples. Integrate Instagram Photos in to your Ecommerce Website In 2014, online jewelry retailer Baublebar had started an Instagram campaign by using a widget…
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Most Useful Tools to Promote Your Content

Once the content has been generated, including blogs, how to videos and infographics, you need to come out with ways, how the same has to be promoted. Below is a list of tools that would help promote content. These would act as tools helping you run successful promotional campaigns, targets the efforts in the right direction and create that much required buzz in the market. Tools to Promote Content it: Meant for bloggers and publishers, and helps one syndicate the content to expand reach of the brand on social media and other channels. It also helps in managing and measuring…
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Client-Focused Checklists and Questionnaires for eCommerce Website

Client-focus checklists consist of the following steps:- How to Extract the Facts with an Ecommerce Web Design Client Questionnaire Why do you to develop new website? Tell about your organization for which you want to develop the website? What are the things that you want to implement in your website to grow your business? Do you have a logo or tagline to describe your services? Who is your potential customers from whom you want to pay attention on your website? What is your budget and time frame for completing the website? Give the references of websites which you like the…
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5 Popular Social Media Analytic Tools for Merchants

As a merchant, you cannot handle the vast amount of data related to your social marketing manually. That is why; many companies launched a tool to help you for the data analysis. If you need to have this but you don’t want to spend high cost for then read this blog. You will find most popular social media analytic tools at low cost. Social Report This is the one of the most popular analytics tools, which is specially introduced for ecommerce organizations. This is useful to fetch the data from popular online shopping portal such as Ebay and Shopify. This…
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4 New Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2015

Year 2014 is about to finish; now we have to prepare new strategies to increase the online sales. Social media plays an essential role in ecommerce marketing. So, owners need to monitor several things for coming year 2015. Launch of Niche Social Networks Mostly, owners focus on top social media websites like facebook and twitter which really have great scope for ecommerce marketing. Now, if we talk about the coming year, then we can see that we have many social media websites which are in loop. These will emerge in 2015; one is Ello, which can create the challenges for…
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