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Atul Kumar Gupta
Atul Kumar Gupta is a professional eCommerce consultant and trainer who has 15years experience in the eCommerce website design and development, software development and android application development. He is a Managing Director of Leading eCommerce website development Company "Prasad Solutions Pvt. Ltd." He is developed conversion optimization strategies for different platform to create dramatic business improvement.

4 Essential Ways to Grow your Ecommerce Business in 2015

If you did not earned from your online shopping portal as you expected then do not be sad. There is still time to expand your business online. New year 2015 is coming which can be better your business, but you have to do consider some essential points which can attract more visitors. Store owners know running the business and earn profit. But, there are some easy which need to follow to gain the trust of targeted audience and maintain the sales revenue. Here, we are providing your some information about the ways which can help you in the enhancement of…
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6 Free Android Apps for SEO

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From monitoring site traffic to SERP tracking there are several android apps that come handy. When it comes to managing your website’s SEO results, there are some great tools out there that would make it easy to evaluate the results and carry out required optimization. These apps would not only help you see the results but would also provide you with some valued suggestions to improve your site so that traffic, visibility and ROI could be improved. 1. SEO & Link Analyzer : With this app you can analyze rankings of each website URL, monitor pay per click visibility along…
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Eliminate Customers Checkout Abandon Trough Customized Error Messages

Little wonder why most ecommerce websites and online stores often undergo the stress of having to lose their hard earned customers and clients even after several efforts, trials and time expended to attract this customers to the online platform. But do you really think that the problems are most likely to be coming from the customers? or possibly from the Online businesses and companies? The very big and certain answer is a very big No and Yes. Do not be puzzled at the answer, for the question also sounds and seems to be looking like a puzzled one t too.…
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Ecommerce Shipping Innovations is Sure to Hit Revolution

Just around the corner, we soon should be expecting a massive and very great revolution in the ecommerce industry. The earlier and nearer business associates and online entrepreneurs begin to notice the uprising and upcoming growth and advancement which is sure to hit the entire Delivery System in Ecommerce business, the quicker the better. It is indeed indisputable and undeniable that Shipping and Delivery of commodities and Items sold at various ecommerce online platforms by various little, intermediate scale and also international giant companies is one of the most tasking job or duty posing itself a challenge to these businesses.…
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How to Optimize Prices of Products Attributes for High Conversions

The rise and growth of Ecommerce businesses and online stores has remained a thing of great astonishment and surprise. The Business trend has suddenly changed both typically in nature and mode of delivery, which has further led to the reason why the industry is making an incessantly gargantuan and unequaled boom. Strategies adopted in marketing and advertising products and commodities to their respective and specific clients and customers have on the same hand been constantly dynamic and vibrant. Promotions and marketing are one of the most important factors to consider when discussing about the success of every Online Business or…
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Simple Techniques to Improve Ecommerce Customers Confidence

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The Simple Techniques to Adopt in Ecommerce Biz while Promoting Your Customer self-confidence is a free of charge 30 minute webinar. The Presenter is Armando Roggio, He is also a renowned and rainmaking editor in the Ecommerce Industry. In accordance to the activities schedule, the programme is sure to hold on the 5th day of May 2015, Time is 11 a.m. prompt. All attendees are sure to have a copy each of the webinar recording at the end of the session. The Challenges of Security Issues on Online Shoppers & Customers   Security has become one of the tattling issues…
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What is Shopping Cart Abandon and How Can We Control?

So many would marvel at the sight of the topic “What is Shopping Cart Abandon” Shopping Cart abandon in simple explanation means when a intending customer adds a few selected items or commodities to a shopping cart on an ecommerce website or online store, and then fails to checkout leaving the products and commodities inside the shopping cart. Research has shown that out of 100% of customers or prospects who patronize online shops and ecommerce sites, that at least 30 to 35% of them abandon their products on checkout or without checkout. The question is now, what are the major…
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What Is Your Ecommerce Business Importance?

Cloud Computing
Little wonder why ask the question “What Is Your Ecommerce Business Worth? The question on your ecommerce business worth is a very important and very exclusive question which all ecommerce business owners should pay kind attention to. Why you need to take an Insight into your ecommerce business There are so many factors which are supposed to be brought into deliberation when running or managing an ecommerce or any online business, but unfortunately, not all these are being recollected by most people. In a very simpler terms, I would say, that most people only believe in the power to defeat…
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Which are the Next Tremendous Players in India’s eCommerce Industry?

Indian market in retailing Industry is achieving its heights. It is the point of case study; market size is increased from $600 million to $200 billion in two years. We are at the same place as China was 10 years ago. This is only starting. In an estimate e-retailing market will reach $32 billion by 2020. According to Matrix Partners,Presently there are three ecommerce industries that have joined the Indian market such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm. Including these three companies and other large domestic and foreign companies, specifically shop clues, eBay and Amazon follow horizontal trend in marketplace model.…
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Search to Other Industries for Ecommerce Inspiration

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When you want your visitor should spend lot of time and money on your site, find some non-related industries for better ideas and inspirations. They will often help you about understanding the thinking of online visitors, readers and shoppers. You can see here three Industry-specific sites it will help online store to cater the needs of current * potential customers. Destination Hotels – Check In, Check Out When people want to take relax from busy life they search for awesome images, full information of the place and the method by which they can book overnight stays. Successful Hotel managers know…
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