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Puneet Gaur
Puneet Gaur is an excellent Php developer with experience more than 8years. He has developed many ecommerce websites on different platform including best open- source platform-magento and drupal. He is passionate and determinate about his work. As he has great development experience, he can provide the useful information about the carts and platforms which can be helpful for you to get a complete online shopping portal.

18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets, for Navigation and Design

18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets
All thanks to these wonderful tools, the websites designed these days are quite simple to use and at the same time look highly aesthetic too. At present, most of the website designers are paying extra heed to make sites go dynamic and this has brought in some incredible icon sets into the scene, especially for the ecommerce stores. The icon sets that are being used in most of the ecommerce sites are: Pixel Buddha: It is a set of more than 100 marketing icons in various styles and colors. The file formats in which it is available include PNG, SVG…
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Yahoo Updated Ecommerce Platform as Competitive Platform

Several Medium and small scale businesses have since the past few years done so well with the help and exclusive assistance of the Yahoo Software as a service (Saas) online commerce Software. The software was stylishly customized and designed to helped small businesses to get online presence without much hassles, and also without consuming much time. Furthermore this Yahoo Commerce Online platform makes it easy for new businesses to get started at a faster pace and also to begin sales and transactions in as short as possible. As well as encouraging other contemplating and deliberating businesses and companies to join…
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11 Innovative Mobile Commerce Apps

Mobile commerce is not new term. In a report provided by IBM, mobile is considered for about 25% of online traffic in the 2014 holiday season. The computed online sales from mobile device are 22.6 % percent of the total sales. Big impact has been made in a meaningful way by smart phones and tablets. It has created clear picture of how we purchase products and some mobile ecommerce applications are changed for developing traditional business. Check out our list of innovative mobile commerce applications. Some applications work as market place for the new users to find out new product.…
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Pros and cons of Voice Commerce-Ready for Prime Time

Woman using mobile phone while shopping in supermarket
Ecommerce leads mobile commerce and voice commerce. It opens different door for the user to make the shopping easily. This is the way to place an order via phone or any other voice communication instrument. Most of you like to place an order for Dominos pizza via phone. This is called voice commerce. In this blog, we are providing you the information about the pros and cons of voice commerce. Pros of Voice Commerce Quick search Search is an essential part of online business. If you don’t want to search manually or place an order via website then you have…
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Strong Mobile App Ecommerce Strategies for 2015

Merchants of online store know the significance of mobile applications in the field of ecommerce. But, most of them need a guidance to get an application and they need to know which app can be helpful for the growth of business. If you want to know the same then read this blog, you will get some important information about the mobile application strategies. With increasing the popularity of mobile marketing, many companies start offering the development of mobile apps. But, it is important to find the reputed company which should be capable to provide you reliable and flexible mobile apps…
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Choose the Best Fraud Prevention Service for Ecommerce

Most of the ecommerce merchants focus on the target of festival and holidays time. At this time, a fraudulent purchase is common. To avoid this, it is essential to adopt the fraud prevention service. Choose the best service to reduce the chargebacks and keep your users happy. Our main motive of this blog is to develop the awareness about these types of frauds and provide the best methods for merchants to fight against these activities and gain profit from their genuine customers. Meaning of Fraud Prevention Service? This is the services of identifying the fraudulent activities to stop the chargebacks…
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8 Popular Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

With increasing the craze of ecommerce, there is development of new platforms for design and development of online shopping store. An open-source platform is the favorite one which is available with all the advantages of shopping portal. Today, most of the merchants need to have an ecommerce website on the open-source platform. Merchants have many options to choose one of the best platforms which can provide them s standalone solution with the support of developers. Here we are introducing some of the best open-source ecommerce platforms for your small and large business under which you can get free core applications.…
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