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Umang Maheshwari
Umang Maheshwari is a senior search-engine-optimization expert in Prasad Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He began his Internet marketing career in 2008 followed by SEO management position. He has great experience in SEO, SMO,PPC, Google analytics and adwords.

Few Tips to Create Attractive Apps

Mobile communications and social networking concept
These days, mobile app development has become an important no matter it is a small or big business. You can look ahead with positive result if the app is simple and user-friendly. Have a look on the best things that can make an app striking and eye catching: Login specifications – The specification related to the login of an app should straightforward as possible. The Sign in should work with one click. When it comes to a mobile app development, it would be better to make use of social media such as Facebook or Google+ to enter into the app.…
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4 Ways to Invest in Email Marketing for 2016

To keep your email marketing campaign alive, there is a need to invest in strategies and platforms that are future ready. It goes beyond saying that email marketing tends to hold great importance as far as your business promotional goals are concerned and this is why you need to invest in ideas that promise to bring in realistic results. There is much more to email marketing than sending promotional emails and ads to customers, you need to utilize the hidden power of this tool by putting some great ideas to work. Go Mobile: Well, with most of the customers accessing…
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Tips, Tricks to Optimize a YouTube Channel

Optimize a YouTube Channel
With YouTube acting as the second largest search platform online after Google, getting right up there truly holds big importance. With around 4 billion videos being viewed by people on daily basis, getting your channel optimized tends to bring in immediate results in the form of popularity and visibility. Uploading videos on YouTube is not where the task ends, each one of these is to be marketed in the right way so that they are visible when someone makes a search. Whether using this platform to promote your personal channel or that of your organization, make sure that you keep…
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SEO & PPC Strategies: Study Shows High Click Through Rates with the Combination Of Specialized SEO and PPC

As a matter of facts, it is indeed undeniably true that the struggles towards earning a very brilliant reputation, traffic and achieving a worthwhile success from the online community has indeed never been as easy as some persons might have imagined. The Bing multinational search engine giants recently published a result which has been derived from the last research which was conducted on its platform some Six Months ago (December 2014). The research was basically referring to the comparison of the effects of the duo of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per click Marketing or Advertising, and its relationship to…
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How Google’s ‘Mobile-friendly’ Update affects Ecommerce Websites and Conversion Rate

Here comes the Shocking Google “Mobile Friendly” algorithm update. The Biggest and most amazing News Update for webmasters and Online Business owners The Multinational Online based Company and search engine giants GOOGLE.COM has formally announced the introduction of the recently initiated worldwide Mobile-friendly algorithm which is said to kick-start by the 21st of April this year (2015). This algorithm will be focused on the behavior of websites on the Google mobile search engine results, especially for mobile searchers, it has been furthermore noted that these algorithm will have a great impact on websites and web-pages. Stressing that any website which…
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4 Core Determinants for Your Ecommerce Content Marketing Success

It has been revealed that Content marketing is one of the vital means promoting an ecommerce business. Every website, be it a blog, a brochure or an online portal needs patronage. Such patronage as we are discussing here means so many things, it means human traffic to the site and inflow of visitors which could be converted into customers. Researches and Marketing surveys has shown that approximately 55% of Internet and Online Marketers prefer implementing Content Marketing strategies in promoting their various online businesses. Content marketing is often referred to as being very tedious and time consuming, but the truth…
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Pay-per-click Ads: Cracking the AdWords Dimensions Tab
The AdWords interface is disordered and difficult to understand. A coworker of mine said AdWords is an enterprise tool. But if you are a regular user of the AdWords interface, you might not be known about the insights available in the Dimension tab. Where is the Dimension Tab? The Dimension tab is present inside the main navigation tab in AdWords. You can see here screenshot with highlighted tab. The Dimension tab should be visible by default. If it is not visible you can click the down arrow on the right side of the tabs & find it. Informations in the…
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SEO:Google Upgrades Crawling for Geotargeted Sites

Ecommerce sites have faced challenges to serve diverse content to the customers. These sites use geo targeting to search content online. Last Wednesday, Google has publicized its work to fight against these challenges. It has permitted more multinational company sites to rank in Google’s search results. There are some methods in which Geo targeting attributes proceed as a barrier for search engine crawlers. These visitors do not belong to United States and target the website for crawling and indexing. By the way Geo targeting is made for better customer experience on a site. The problem arises here is that Google…
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10 Vital Google Analytics Dashboards for Ecommerce

Data tends to be an integral element when it comes to taking a decision, especially when it comes to e-commerce. But what seems out to be the most daunting one is to find the required one in Google analytics, more so it takes away lots of time. It is to be known that 2 Google analytics options namely custom reports and dashboards can be of real help to the e-commerce managers who want quick access to metrics. While custom reports help one to drill down the data that has no limits, the format of dashboards is designed in a way…
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Part 3: Helpful Tips for Keyword Research Tool

If you have already read our Part 2, then you can understand the importance of keyword research tools. These are the tools which can help you in the selection of targeted keywords with providing the information about the keywords which users like most, keywords which users use more for searching and words which they use to buy something from online store. Now, in this blog we are writing about the popular keyword research tools and tips to use the best one to get potential keywords phrases. Google’s Keyword Planner is the popular one which is mostly used. It is available…
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