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Few Tips to Create Attractive Apps

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These days, mobile app development has become an important no matter it is a small or big business. You can look ahead with positive result if the app is simple and user-friendly. Have a look on the best things that can make an app striking and eye catching: Login specifications – The specification related to the login of an app should straightforward as possible. The Sign in should work with one click. When it comes to a mobile app development, it would be better to make use of social media such as Facebook or Google+ to enter into the app.…
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How Android App Development Company in India Can Help You Predict the Future

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The android development industry is benefiting everyone from consumers and developers to smartphone manufacturers. Having an advanced android application is the need of the hour for every business. Android apps development in India is a very competitive business and has brought lots of choices for smartphone manufacturers to choose from. If you are looking for a reliable android development company in India, Prasad Solutions can help you. Our result-oriented android application development helps businesses reach their goals. We provide an affordable solution to businesses with high-quality android applications. We have helped more than a thousand businesses through our cutting-edge application…
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6 Free Android Apps for SEO

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From monitoring site traffic to SERP tracking there are several android apps that come handy. When it comes to managing your website’s SEO results, there are some great tools out there that would make it easy to evaluate the results and carry out required optimization. These apps would not only help you see the results but would also provide you with some valued suggestions to improve your site so that traffic, visibility and ROI could be improved. 1. SEO & Link Analyzer : With this app you can analyze rankings of each website URL, monitor pay per click visibility along…
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