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18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets, for Navigation and Design

18 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets
All thanks to these wonderful tools, the websites designed these days are quite simple to use and at the same time look highly aesthetic too. At present, most of the website designers are paying extra heed to make sites go dynamic and this has brought in some incredible icon sets into the scene, especially for the ecommerce stores. The icon sets that are being used in most of the ecommerce sites are: Pixel Buddha: It is a set of more than 100 marketing icons in various styles and colors. The file formats in which it is available include PNG, SVG…
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5 Major Global Ecommerce Trends That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

With web or ecommerce poised towards growth globally, every place is taking this concept in a different way, what remains common is that approach that makes the process go customer centric. Whether we talk of U.S.A, Europe or Asia, mobile marketing is something that rules and this is why the common focus is to develop platforms that enable sales on all platforms. With all those tentative predictions related to ecommerce market going true, there are some trends that have appeared as important ones for all those who want to enjoy doing brisk business on the web. Mobile Based Purchases Are…
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4 Ways to Invest in Email Marketing for 2016

To keep your email marketing campaign alive, there is a need to invest in strategies and platforms that are future ready. It goes beyond saying that email marketing tends to hold great importance as far as your business promotional goals are concerned and this is why you need to invest in ideas that promise to bring in realistic results. There is much more to email marketing than sending promotional emails and ads to customers, you need to utilize the hidden power of this tool by putting some great ideas to work. Go Mobile: Well, with most of the customers accessing…
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5 Ecommerce content marketing trends for 2016

Development in organizational formation, machine created content, and video content could drive modifications in ecommerce marketing upcoming time, as small and mid-sized retailers boost their content formation efforts. Content marketing is known as one of the most significant areas of ecommerce support. It will execute to grow in 2016. So, it is significant watching for trends that could modify how content is completed or how much cash is spent performing it. Content Marketing Might Stand Separately In 2016 and beyond, online retailers may divide content marketing as well as content creation from different marketing activities such as advertising or search…
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Tips, Tricks to Optimize a YouTube Channel

Optimize a YouTube Channel
With YouTube acting as the second largest search platform online after Google, getting right up there truly holds big importance. With around 4 billion videos being viewed by people on daily basis, getting your channel optimized tends to bring in immediate results in the form of popularity and visibility. Uploading videos on YouTube is not where the task ends, each one of these is to be marketed in the right way so that they are visible when someone makes a search. Whether using this platform to promote your personal channel or that of your organization, make sure that you keep…
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Five Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Navigation

Five Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Navigation
Are you specialized in Ecommerce Website Design, or are you an Ecommerce website owner? Regardless of whichever is the case, Every Ecommerce website demands proper attention and immense concentration, especially during the preliminary stages of such websites. That simply means that regardless of the nature of Ecommerce website you have, run or managing, the groundwork or introductory aspect of such websites is the known time when the website needs so much attention and awareness. Let’s take out some time to see the reason why this is important. Firstly, an Ecommerce website is known to be a business website, a marketing…
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Important Pre-Launch Checklists for eCommerce Website

Check List
It will be very embracing for the designers when their clients want to live their eCommerce website but they may not be prepared to launch. Most of the time happened that the client found many problems with their site after launching the website. It is good to follow the pre-launch checks to avoid the errors occur after launching the website.   These are some of the essential pre-launch checks:- Copy checks Check tone of voice:- You should focus on the way of representing your information. It should be reflect the same as you want to provide. It is required to…
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Client-Focused Checklists and Questionnaires for eCommerce Website

Client-focus checklists consist of the following steps:- How to Extract the Facts with an Ecommerce Web Design Client Questionnaire Why do you to develop new website? Tell about your organization for which you want to develop the website? What are the things that you want to implement in your website to grow your business? Do you have a logo or tagline to describe your services? Who is your potential customers from whom you want to pay attention on your website? What is your budget and time frame for completing the website? Give the references of websites which you like the…
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5 Reasons Why Your Online Store Matters More Than Ever

Most of the ecommerce managers are aware of the fact that a poor site could cause a big problem in the long run. And the time when this is going to hurt the most is the holiday season when it can play with around 20% to 40% of the yearly sales. For the ones looking for a detailed numerical validation, below are the points that will make it clear how online presence of your brand matters more than ever. Online Sales Are Growing Faster Than Offline Sales: A consulting firm Deloitte has arrived with a forecast that there would be…
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Choose the Best Fraud Prevention Service for Ecommerce

Most of the ecommerce merchants focus on the target of festival and holidays time. At this time, a fraudulent purchase is common. To avoid this, it is essential to adopt the fraud prevention service. Choose the best service to reduce the chargebacks and keep your users happy. Our main motive of this blog is to develop the awareness about these types of frauds and provide the best methods for merchants to fight against these activities and gain profit from their genuine customers. Meaning of Fraud Prevention Service? This is the services of identifying the fraudulent activities to stop the chargebacks…
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