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Tips, Tricks to Optimize a YouTube Channel

Optimize a YouTube Channel
With YouTube acting as the second largest search platform online after Google, getting right up there truly holds big importance. With around 4 billion videos being viewed by people on daily basis, getting your channel optimized tends to bring in immediate results in the form of popularity and visibility. Uploading videos on YouTube is not where the task ends, each one of these is to be marketed in the right way so that they are visible when someone makes a search. Whether using this platform to promote your personal channel or that of your organization, make sure that you keep…
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10 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Ecommerce Marketing Techniques

The photo sharing site Instagram is in a conversion phase between individual and commerce use. In Contrast to Facebook or Pinterest, it does not tender business-specific features. It is reported from digital research firm L2 that 93% of premiere brands are present in it. The Instagram is not limited to large brands smaller ecommerce business can also gain its benefits. You can find ten ideas for using Instagram to endorse products, highlighting online retail brands as examples. Integrate Instagram Photos in to your Ecommerce Website In 2014, online jewelry retailer Baublebar had started an Instagram campaign by using a widget…
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5 Popular Social Media Analytic Tools for Merchants

As a merchant, you cannot handle the vast amount of data related to your social marketing manually. That is why; many companies launched a tool to help you for the data analysis. If you need to have this but you don’t want to spend high cost for then read this blog. You will find most popular social media analytic tools at low cost. Social Report This is the one of the most popular analytics tools, which is specially introduced for ecommerce organizations. This is useful to fetch the data from popular online shopping portal such as Ebay and Shopify. This…
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4 New Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2015

Year 2014 is about to finish; now we have to prepare new strategies to increase the online sales. Social media plays an essential role in ecommerce marketing. So, owners need to monitor several things for coming year 2015. Launch of Niche Social Networks Mostly, owners focus on top social media websites like facebook and twitter which really have great scope for ecommerce marketing. Now, if we talk about the coming year, then we can see that we have many social media websites which are in loop. These will emerge in 2015; one is Ello, which can create the challenges for…
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Why Should I Use Facebook for my Online Business?

Today, millions of people are using internet for different purpose. Most of them have an account on social-networking websites because they want to connect with friends to share their ideas, products and services, express their views, and also to promote the business. Facebook is the one of the most popular social networking site who is being used by the people of all ages in the world. That is why; this becomes the best platform to advertise the brands through creating the social page. This is the cheapest option to advertise your products and services online to reach the people and…
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Steps for the Best use of Social Media in 2015 for Ecommerce Marketing

According to new CMO survey about the use of social media in 2014 results in that it is not too much successful to increase your sales. This survey found that only 15% is the result for which we can say this is the quantitative impact on sales. 40% has qualitative impact which was not too good. Rest of the percent unable to leave any impact on sales which is the point of thinking for online store owners. We are not trying to say that stop the use of social media in coming years but it is important to learn how…
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