Few Tips to Create Attractive Apps

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These days, mobile app development has become an important no matter it is a small or big business. You can look ahead with positive result if the app is simple and user-friendly.

Have a look on the best things that can make an app striking and eye catching:

  • Login specifications – The specification related to the login of an app should straightforward as possible. The Sign in should work with one click. When it comes to a mobile app development, it would be better to make use of social media such as Facebook or Google+ to enter into the app. You should provide an easy approach to recover the password or user ID. Comment and share button should be there. All this will make the app really engaging and let users to come back.
  • Feedback: It is one of the most significant features a buyer always wishes to see in an app is an interactive method. A feedback method directly gives positive site to the users of the app. Moreover, it promises for long term business approaches and endorse the customer satisfaction.
  • Customization– A user of the app should have ability to modify the app as per the personal needs. Now, you can change the font, color, privacy settings and themes among others. The settings of privacy are one of the significant features that require to be integrated. More choices should be specified to customers to pose the app individually to their tastes and needs.
  • Easy to Use– Some friendly app always remains friendly for the customer. You should know that it is not a good idea to make use of heavy graphics in an app. Sometimes it gives a crash like condition and result in user dissatisfaction. Time is always an important concern and users wish to finish their tasks within few moments instead of wasting time.
  • Appropriateness – It is important that the content in an android app development is rich. It should be capable to give understanding experience to the users. Moreover, the content on the web should be according to the theme and the usability of the app. everything should different and special from other apps.
  • Loading Time – No doubt, speed is an important factor that cannot be ignored while making a mobile app. No one will make use of an app that consumes lots of time.
  • Have Analytics– Your app should be capable to count the number of users using the app. It should provide the information on regular users and their experience with using the app. The data will assist in building a better app. It will assist in increasing your trader as well.
  • It’s all about brand– The business app will be the features of your brand. However, android app development, confirm that your logo of the brand and tagline specifies on every page. The Logo should be placed on the right place. For example it should not obstruct the tasks of the app. It should be positioned aesthetically at a location where it appears good.
Umang Maheshwari
Umang Maheshwari is a senior search-engine-optimization expert in Prasad Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He began his Internet marketing career in 2008 followed by SEO management position. He has great experience in SEO, SMO,PPC, Google analytics and adwords.
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