Tips for Increasing Sales on Black Friday


Black Friday is the time for which millions of U.S.A people wait eagerly as this is the time when shoppers can buy a haul at cheap prices. Now that the trend of people buying and selling online has been accepted whole heartedly by the world, eCommerce store owners are doing all it requires to experience a big rush on this day. It is a known fact that the deals being thrown out are available for a limited period only, but still there are not many stores that manage to register big sales and for them there are some tips that would work magical:

1. Offer Only Black Friday Exclusive Discounts & Spread Word About It Smartly: well, with a strategy in mind you could register big sales; it is just that you need a pro marketing team by your side. First thing first, offer exclusive discounts only for this day and the get your marketing team on work so that the demand stays intact at the end giving you a store blowout

2. Use Social Media To Promote & Inform: Well, this is one such tip that would never go wrong. Utilize the power of social media to inform people about the sales and discounts you have to offer and this is going to act two fold by bringing in both customer attention and loyalty

3. Countdown Builds In Big Anticipation: With people knowing that there are only few hours, few minutes or few seconds left for that black Friday deal to close, chances are big that every moment would bring in sales. You can start advertising few days before with that countdown running so that people know when that sale would go open and this is going to bring in big traffic to the site

4. Give A New Look To Your Site’s Landing Page: Landing page of your website needs to define what is going on and this is why you need to come out with something that is in sync with the current status. Ask your designers to come out with a great design that has black Friday theme everywhere as this is surely going to make eyeballs roll

5. If You Can Afford- Ship Products For Free: People are always hungry for more, even if you are giving them big discounts on Black Friday an extra one in the form of free shipping would be an icing on the cake. With this shoppers are going to buy more products as there is nothing that they need to pay for the shipment

6. Site Needs To Be Fully Functional: Now when you are doing so much to bring in massive traffic to the site and expecting that maximum portion would make a purchase you need your site to run smoothly. Downtime for even a second would incur big losses, so be prepared for every random scenario with your tech team

You need to have a proper marketing plan in place as then only you will be able to make most of this biggest shopping day of the year.

Sabrina Burghardt
Sabrina Burghardt is an excellent project manager in "Com-Cad" with more than 8years experience. She is expert in the management of software and website development projects. She has great management skills which allows her to deliver 100% bug free solution at target time. Sabrina is passionate about the target that makes customers happy.
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